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MAYORS IN ACTION - Assist Covenant of Mayors Coordinators and Supporters through tutoring activities (peer-to-peer review and support, coaching, exchange of experiences and best practices, networking, training), enabling them to make the best use of the available tools and knowledge to support municipalities (2013)
CHAMP (FORMER MERCX) - Other partners are Vekso (SE), City of Groningen (NL), Öko-institute – Bolzano (IT), City of Örebro (SE), City of Ljubljana (SL) (2010)
CA-RES II - Participants of the CA-RES II can learn from each other, explore possible areas of cooperation and potential future convergence of policy approaches. A valuable European network of experts is created. The European Commission can benefit from the valuable informal feedback on the implementation of the RES Directive.

Savings of electric power, heating energy, water, CO2 emissions by means of low- or no-cost measures. Reduction of energy and water expenses for the addressed households. Qualification of long-term unemployed people to assist households. Making measures of climate protection accessible to households on low incomes. Giving help to self-help to vulnerable consumers with low- and no-cost measures.

OILECO - UCO management cost reduction. Less or no UCO in municipal solid waste. Creation of bio-business opportunities through PPPs. (2010)
REGCEP - RegCEP will develop a new policy tool across Europe to integrate sustainable energy policy with regional policy. RegCEP will focus on the use of regional clusters for energy planning, providing a territorial instrument for the development of intelligent energy by enterprises (2008)
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